Lotto Network - Why Choose Us?

Harness the power of lotto, raise funds for your club / charity / organisation and offer truly life-changing, multimillion-pound jackpots to your audience.

Offer life-changing multimillion-pound jackpots
Lotto Network enables your organisation to offer twice-weekly jackpots averaging over £7.5m. That's bigger than the average top prizes of The National Lottery, The Health Lottery, and the People's Postcode Lottery – combined! (*correct as of January 2014).
Zero risk - Prize money funded & paid in full by us
Starting your own successful lotto can be a Catch-22 situation. You need big jackpots to attract players, yet usually you'd need players to generate big jackpots. Lotto Network breaks the mould. We fund all prizes, from tens of pounds to tens of millions of pounds, and pay them directly to your player when they win.
No society lottery licence required
We have held licences from the UK Gambling Commission since 2007. As all Lotto Network products are operated under these licences, our partners don't have to worry about the expense and administration involved in applying for and retaining a lottery licence of their own.
Secure and socially responsible
Lotto Network is a brand of MyLotto24 Limited, licensed by the UK Gambling Commission since 2007. MyLotto24 Limited is the leading provider of secondary lottery and lotto betting services and sells more than 10m lotto bets every month, with over €250m billed annually. The largest prize won by a Lotto Network player to date was €31.7 million in 2009. We paid out in one lump sum.
A guaranteed incremental revenue stream
Your organisation retains a guaranteed fixed percentage of all lotto revenue received. Committing the additional funds raised through your lotto to a good cause, charity or foundation helps to maximise player participation.
Players can choose their own lucky numbers
When placing their lotto bets, your players select six numbers from 1 to 49, plus a lucky Star number from 0 to 9, or simply choose a Lucky Dip. To win a cash prize, the numbers can be matched in any order. On average, over 80% of Lotto Network players sign up on a long-term, multi-draw subscription basis.
Easy-to-play syndicates and other games available
Target any lapsed customers, or further engage with those you engage with the most. In addition to our standard lotto games, your players can enter our automated syndicates – giving them up to a thousand chances to hit their share of the jackpot!
High standards of compliance & corporate governance
MyLotto24 is audited on a quarterly basis by its external auditor, Ernst & Young LLP, London. Our technology services company, Smartgames Technologies Limited, is PCI compliant and undergoing final stages of ISO 27001 accreditation.

Lotto Network Limited is licensed and regulated as a remote betting intermediary by the UK Gambling Commission. Licence number:. MyLotto24 Limited is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission to provide pool betting; betting on real events; to operate a casino and to provide gambling software. Licence number: .
Play responsibly