The biggest draw in gaming

Offer life-changing prizes. £7,500,000 average jackpot

In today's market, lottery is the last great gaming product up for grabs. It is arguably the most popular form of gambling in the world and for a small stake, players can potentially win tens and in some cases hundreds of millions of pounds. Life-changing money.

Join the Lotto Network and offer your customers huge lottery jackpots, setting you aside from your competition and making a real difference to your bottom line! From twice-weekly lotto draws to Instant Lotto & Lucky Dip games, we provide an ever-expanding portfolio of B2B products with mega-million jackpots. Becoming a Lotto Network partner will extend your existing player lifetime, increase player activity, help you reactivate dormant accounts and acquire new players.

The Key Benefits of Partnering with Lotto Network

Largest Jackpots

Offer the largest gaming jackpots in the world to your customers – the largest jackpot paid out by us was a staggering €31.7 million in 2009

No Need For Seeding

Simply tap into our existing lotto liquidity with ZERO risk as all prizes are funded by Lotto Network

Incremental Revenue

Customers do not class lotto as 'gambling', thus their budget for lotto and for gaming (e.g. bingo) are often separate

Increase Player Lifetime

Lotto players are loyal and many play the same numbers every week. Nobody wants to miss the draw in which their numbers come up!

Reactivate Players

Differentiation is key. Adding lotto is something new to communicate to your existing customers, especially during rollovers

Increase Player Activity

Winning players tend to play more and on Lotto Network the average odds of winning a prize are less than 1 in 8

Why add our branded lotto products to your gaming platform?

Increase Player Lifetime

Lottery is arguably the stickiest gaming product. It is low cost and is not perceived as “gambling”. Indeed lotto players are likely to play lotto long after the average lifetime of any other gaming product – Players often play the same numbers and once they have settled in to our partner lotto, they keep participating on a weekly basis to ensure that should their numbers come-up, they have the winning ticket.

Lotto is also one of the few gambling games in which the subscription model is widely accepted, and in the same way that bingo progressive jackpot hunters descend on a bingo room when the PJP is hot, we have various products and initiatives to monetise and lock-in revenue generated from large jackpots and rollovers. E.g. Jackpot Hunter.

While lotto is keeping your players loyal, they are more likely to continue to play other games on your platform too. Indeed 41.2% of active lotto players on our largest partner site are still purchasing 12 months later.

Reactivate Players

Joining Lotto Network gives you a very powerful reactivation tool. When your database of players are no longer responding to your communication endeavours, the offer of lotto is something new to target them with.

Our classic lotto product gives customers a genuine reason to come back to your site.

Consider that in the UK alone, 59% of adults purchased lotto tickets in 2010/2011; many people on your database will respond to lotto promotions, particularly free lotto lines (which are only billed once a player redeems them).

Increase Player Activity

Lotto players actively request the following correspondence through email or SMS.

  • Prize Emails
  • Ticket Receipts

Prize emails:

The odds of a player winning a prize (on one line) in a Lotto Network draw are 1 in 8. An average lotto player plays two lines per week; thus wins an average of at least one prize every month.

This presents a very effective marketing opportunity – once a month you can email lotto players with good news and encourage people back to your platform – where they need to be in order to purchase.

Emails of this type:

  • Offer excellent cross-marketing and promotion opportunities.
  • Create a positive winning experience and even if the prize is low, the player revisits your site with a feeling of euphoria and expectancy, ready to gamble.
  • Are just one example of emails to which lotto players actively opt in.

Ticket Receipts

When a player purchases a lotto bet, the ticket receipt is available in their history. Many players also expect ticket receipts by email. Our proprietary proxy email solution enables you to send these receipts as part of your own CRM, providing a perfect cross-selling opportunity to other products on your platform. You can also send the receipts via SMS – a perfect opportunity to up-sell your mobile products.

Reach More Players

Lotto is arguably the most accessible form of gaming. Over half the population of the UK plays lotto and 4,000,000 of these players bought their tickets online.

Savvy gaming companies have been actively targeting lotto players through PPC marketing for years. Becoming a Lotto Network partner enables you to finally market to this huge potential gambling audience with a relevant product and huge jackpots. This increases both your player conversion rates and overall player acquisition.

Once acquired to your platform, players are exposed to your existing product suite.

Increase Overall Revenue

Through increasing player activity, loyalty, and acquisition, becoming a Lotto Network partner will increase overall site revenue.

Combined with our suite of unique 3D lotto games, syndicates and built-in retention mechanisms, Lotto Network will save you money on your existing retention and contribute to your bottom line.

Life Changing Jackpots

The Dream

All lottery players dream of winning a big jackpot and how they would spend such a huge amount of money. Every lotto purchase is a chance to dream and Lotto Network enables you to harness these positive feelings and benefit from them on your gaming platform.

Numerous entry points into the Classic Lotto product enable your players to buy lotto lines from anywhere on your platform. Using our mini-lotto interface players can access lotto from within your existing client (e.g. bingo). Alternatively, players can access lotto games through a comprehensively designed Lotto Lounge, tailored to your brand.

The largest single jackpot paid to a Lotto Network partner so far is a staggering €31.7 million. This is the largest individual sum ever won in online gaming. It was paid in one lump sum, as are all of our prizes.

Top 5 confirmed jackpots offered by Lotto Network so far:

  • 35,100,000 Euros
  • 31,700,000 Euros
  • 28,200,000 Euros
  • 27,500,000 Euros
  • 25,700,000 Euros

On average Lotto Network creates 4 multi-millionaires every year. As our partner, when someone hits the jackpot, your brand benefits from the exposure.

As well as paying out huge jackpots, Lotto Network pays out prizes in 6 other categories. Players can start winning with a little as 1 correct number, making the odds of winning a prize in our draw-based game 1 in 8. See our payout schedule for more details.
Players can also win fabulous prizes in our free bonus games. Prizes include free bets, gadgets, holidays, cars and can also be tailored to your requirements.

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