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Harness the power of lotto betting, raise funds for your organisation and offer truly life-changing, multimillion-pound jackpots to your audience with Lotto Network.


What is Lotto Network?

Lotto Network operates a free, digital fundraising platform enabling charities, sports clubs, local authorities and companies to set up their own branded lotto betting site – at zero cost to boost revenue. All prize money is funded and paid in full, and there are no up-front costs or on-going fees.

Who Can Use Lotto Network?

We run lotto betting websites for more than 30 professional sports clubs and charitable foundations. These include The Arsenal Foundation, Leicester City FC Community Trust, the Aston Villa Foundation and Hampshire Cricket in the Community.

Some of our partners

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Our Numbers

3 m
Registered players
£ 1.9 bn
Total in placed bets
£ 550 m
Total in payouts
£ 44 m
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Case Studies

Aston Villa Foundation
LCFC Community Trust
Arsenal Foundation

Charity sector

Public Funding and Policy

UK charities' average total income from Government grants and contracts
  • - The transfer of the Office for Civil Society can result in funding cuts
  • - Charity heads suggest it will be more difficult to drive the sector's agenda from within the DCMS
  • - Charities of all sizes are heavily reliant on government funding

Decline of Government Grants

Drop in government grants comparing to 10 years ago
  • - Charities are being forced to turn to alternative sources of income in increasing numbers
  • - This poses a challenge to the financial safety of charities with income models based on voluntary income rather than earned income

Online Lottery as a Solution

North West Air Ambulance’s income from its society lottery in 2014/15
  • - Increasing numbers of charities are opting for online lotteries, lotto betting and raffles
  • - Lotto betting is a new way to tap into your existing donor base and strengthen your relationship with supporters
  • - Lotto betting has no jackpot cap which drives higher engagement and player spend